On going TTM Workshops

  • Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS-C NP) Cat C Roads - Non-Practicing

    This workshop provides base knowledge for working on category C road environments.
    From $459.00
  • Traffic Management Operative (TMO) Non-Practicing Workshop (Location: Taupo, Hamilton, Whangarei, Feilding)

    Book your Traffic management operative (TMO) workshop online. This workshop replaces the Traffic Controller (TC) workshop.
    From $459.00
  • (Webinar) Auditing TTM Worksites Seminar

    Guest speakers from Auckland Transport and a panelist from the NZ Transport Agency will walk you through the auditing process for Temporary Traffic Management worksites. This will include how to complete a Site Condition Rating form, common scenarios and what the RCAs are looking at. A questions and answers session will follow.
  • (Webinar) Temporary Road Safety Barrier Seminar

    This 4-hour webinar on Temporary Road Safety Barrier systems will give you a clear understanding of what barrier systems do, how they work, risks associated with their use and the psychology of working with barriers. An amazing opportunity to pick the brains of two of the industry’s leading barrier experts from the comfort of your own home.
  • (Webinar) Traffic Management Auditing - Video Audit

    This 4-hour webinar on Temporary Traffic Management Audits will walk you through the Site Condition Rating form and you will complete an audit of a video of a real worksite - with the guidance of two of the industry's leading auditors.
  • (Webinar) Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Design Seminar in AutoCAD

    Ever wondered how the experts create perfect, to scale TMDs? This 4 hour seminar on Traffic Management Plan (TMP) diagram design in AutoCAD will be delivered by industry experts. A full demonstration from start to finish with a questions and answers session at the end.
  • (Webinar) Training and Competency Model Update and Q&A

    This two hour webinar will cover the basics of the new Training and Competency Model currently being rolled out by NZTA with a questions and answers session at the end. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a complete understanding of the model and ask any of those burning questions you might have.
  • Inspector (Location: Taupo, Hamilton, Whangarei, Feilding)

    The Inspectors workshop includes additional material for inspection activities on CAT C road environments enabling the holder to inspect from the shoulder, berm or live lane of a CAT A & B road and from the shoulder or berm area of a CAT C road. Excellent for those needing to carry out a small number of inspections each year, but do not need the full theory or practical competency of a practising STMS.
    From $549.00
  • Parallaxx TTM Mentor Services

    Book a Parallaxx TTM Mentor for a day to come to your worksite or organisation.
    From $1,500.00
  • Practical Assessment Application

    Use this free application form to apply for a Practical Assessment with a Parallaxx Assessor. Completing this form does not lock in your assessment. Following submission of this form, you‎ will receive an estimate for the requested services to review and accept before our Training Administration Team will procced with scheduling the request.
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