Inspector (Location: Taupo, Hamilton, Whangarei, Feilding)

The Inspectors workshop includes additional material for inspection activities on CAT C road environments enabling the holder to inspect from the shoulder, berm or live lane of a CAT A & B road and from the shoulder or berm area of a CAT C road. Excellent for those needing to carry out a small number of inspections each year, but do not need the full theory or practical competency of a practising STMS.


This training is similar to the TMO training but includes CAT C inspection material.

This qualification enables the holder, to:

  • Undertake roadside activities on all roads less than 60km/hr
  • Undertake inspection activities on all roads less than 60km/hr and on bi-directional roads of any speed

Additional considerations about the qualification

  • Inspection activities in the live lane of multilane roads greater than 70km hr are not covered under this qualification
  • The Inspector qualification does not require an STMS to be in overall charge of the inspection activity

This special qualification is designed for:

  • Any person wishing to conduct inspection activities and who does not need to hold other TTM warrants.
    • This may include surveyors, provided their work fits within the range of inspection activities.

*Staff who are regularly involved in the installation of TTM which may include inspecting or carrying out non-invasive work, are not eligible for the Inspector warrant and must hold the appropriate TTM warrant.

Examples of activities that can be carried out under the Inspector warrant:

  • Observation, using a measuring wheel, surveys, traffic counts
  • Installing traffic count equipment
  • Road maintenance activities such as removal of litter, cleaning signs, cleaning edge markers, or taking photographs.

Type of workshop:

  • This is a 1-Day workshop with theory assessments. Those who pass the workshop will need to successfully complete 2 practical competence assessments to achieve the practicing inspector qualification and can apply through their trainers to receive a certificate of achievement and a warrant card that will be issued by Waka Kotahi. Those who take charge of a worksite must be certified and registered on the Waka Kotahi's TTM database.

You will need:

  • Your own PPE including:
    • Hi-vis vest
    • Long sleeves / pants (long longs)
    • Hard hat
    • Safety glasses
    • Gloves
    • Steel-cap, lace up boots
    • Wet weather gear (weather dependent)
  • Transport for travelling to the practical part of the workshop:
    • You will travel to 2 different locations to complete the practical activities for this workshop


For Auckland based workshop attendees, if you have your own laptop, you are welcome to bring this for use in the workshop. This option is currently only available for Auckland workshop attendees.

We encourage you to bring your own laptop for the following reasons:

  • You will find navigating the workshop content more easily on a device that you are familiar with,
  • You can bookmark useful pages and content for future reference,
  • You can download items to your device

Please note: We do provide tablets for anyone that does not have their own device.

Everything you require for the workshop participation is included and you are welcome to use one of our tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What equipment do I need to carryout inspections?
In all cases, you need a minimum Hi Viz Vest. In most cases you need a vehicle with an amber flashing beacon and a vehicle mounted road inspection sign. 

Can I do other types of temporary traffic management under this warrant?
You are essentially able to carry out any non-invasive inspection activities which may include diverting pedestrians into berm areas only. 

Who is eligible for an Inspector warrant?
Anyone is eligible to attend an Inspector workshop. There is no prerequisite for this workshop.


There is no prerequisite for this level of training.

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