For more than 10 years, Parallaxx has led the way in temporary traffic management, guided by our great team.

As projects become more complex, traffic volumes continue to increase and the pressures to bring projects online increase, we’re committed to ensuring your temporary traffic management solution is safe, cost-effective and trouble-free.



Dave Tilton

Dave is one of the Parallaxx founders and serves as the Chief Executive. He leads the Parallaxx Team and aims to deliver on the company strategic vision and ensure Parallaxx remains at the cutting edge of everything Temporary Traffic Management.

Although he is respected as Parallaxx’ Chief Executive with all the work stuff, he also finds joy in the little things like discovering new electronics, recipes for healthy food, carpool karaoke and genuine meaningful coversations with anyone whos interested.


Andrew Young

Andrew is the Design Manager here at Parallaxx. He coordinates the consultancy and design teams, maintains the quality of delivery we are known for and ensures we remain at the cutting edge of TTM intellectually.

He has previously spent over 10 years in the Traffic Management space as an Area Engineer, Contract Manager and Operations Engineer in the Coromandel, Tauranga and as far afield as Perth, Western Australia. A four-year stint as the Traffic Management Coordinator (TMC) on the Auckland Motorway Network results in a detailed grasp of capital works and high capacity highways as well as high risk TTM operations.

Andrew has a diploma in Civil Engineering and is a Level 2/3 NP STMS, qualified Temporary Barrier Designer and Installer and a qualified NZTA Advanced Planner.

Around the office Andrew is well know for his quirky t-shirt collection and general love of Pop Culture.


Neil Oliver

Neil is the Traffic Manager Team Leader at Parallaxx and heads the team of Traffic Managers that are dedicated to various major projects. Neil himself is one of the principal Traffic Managers for CityRail Link whist simultaneousely providing support, guidance, training and coaching to our other dedicated Traffic Managers imbedded in other projects.

Neil has a Diploma in Civil Engineering and is a Level 2/3 STMS NP, qualified Temporary Barrier Designer and Installer and a qualified NZTA Advanced Planner.

In his spare time Neil is an avid Ceroc Dancer and regularly competes all around New Zealand.


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Lawrence Bailey

Lawrence is the General Manager here at Parallaxx. His main focus is keeping the machine working as efficiantly and safely as possible. He coordinates the Management Team, conducts leadership, training and coaching and oversees all of our internal systems.

Prior to Parallaxx Lawrence spent just over 21 years in the Royal New Zealand Airforce as an Aircraft Technician. He has an extensive background in front line leadership, management, policy implementation/management and quality control.

Outside of the office Lawrence devotes some of his time to helping run a charity called The Therapy Box. He enjoys spending time with friends, gaming and suiting up to go to the races, in fact he has a rather large suit and tie collection!


Ashlee-Rose Morgan

Ashlee-Rose (the Parallaxx family call her ‘Ash’) is the Finance Manager for Parallaxx and is one of the company’s longest serving employees. Ashlee’s reliability, accuracy, and organisational excellence coupled with her can-do attitude has been noted by both clients and employees alike. Ashlee is a qualified Level 2/3 NP STMS, holds a Diploma in Business Management (Financial Administration) from AUT and an advanced certificate in Xero Accounting.

Outside of the Parallaxx office, Ashlee enjoys spending time with her husband and kids. Her next love is shoes – she owns 78 pairs and counting!


Hannah Young

Hannah is the HR and Wellbeing Manager at Parallaxx. She has extensive experience in injury management, healthcare and not-for-profit management. Hannah is a registered Diversional Therapist, has a degree in exercise science and a post graduate certificate in clinical rehabilitation from the University of Otago.
She is passionate about wellbeing, diversional therapy for older adults, and enjoys a diverse range of creative endeavours in her spare time.

In 2015, Hannah formed The Therapy Box, a charity that supports diversional therapists and people residing in aged care facilities. She is also a board member for the Te Rori A Mua Trust.


Ben Isdale

Ben is the Training and Development Manager for Parallaxx. He joined the industry in 2010 and is a Level 2/3 P STMS and Assessor, TTM Mentor Trainer and Level 1 TC/STMS Trainer. Ben oversees all aspects of Parallaxx’s training and delivery.

Ben has a Bachelors Degree in Teaching and Education. He was heavily involved in developing the Training and Competency Model and played a key role pushing NZTA and Connexis together to develop the NZ Certificate in Temporary Traffic Management.

In his spare time Ben likes to stay physically active by cycling and running. His other passions include skiing, hiking and DIY.


Bea Dahino

Bea is the Area Manager for the Parallaxx offshore office, looking after the admin, design, development and media teams and also the first port of call for the other team leaders. With a life-long passion for people, Bea is the perfect fit for this role. Bea is also a qualified Architect, Master Plumber and a Professor.

When she is not at her desk, she can be found in the great outdoors hiking and travelling. She also loves coaching young people, singing, CrossFit and cooking up a storm.


Amie Tilton

Amie leads the creative team here at Parallaxx. With all brand design being done in-house, Amie oversees and directs the work of the two full-time Graphic Designers. Amie is a qualified Art Director, Copywriter and Graphic Designer and has previously worked in Advertising and Design Agencies with a couple of industry awards under her belt.

Amie is Mum to two beautiful girls and wife of Chief Executive, Dave. Amie enjoys the Arts in all it’s forms including singing, dancing and acting.


Jenina Dela Cruz

Jam is an Executive Assistant here at Parallaxx. Her tasks include, but are certainly not limited to, email and calendar management for the Directors, booking business-related flights and accommodation for all staff, planning, organizing, researching, a bit of invoicing.

Outside the office, Jam doesnt stop planning and organizing – she also plays the roles as host, wedding singer, makeup artist, and event organizer. She also loves eating, sleeping and spending time with family and friends.

On most days after work and on weekends, she serves at their local Church by singing and leading young professionals for their spiritual growth and betterment as an individual.


Jordan Tremayne

Jordan is the Customer and Quality Manager here at Parallaxx. Working with both our internal team and our clients, her role is to understand our customers’ expectations and needs. She works with the wider company to improve and maintain standards of efficiency, responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction.

Outside of the office Jordan enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying the beach or snow (depending on the season) and is always keen for a glass of wine.


Ettienne Bezuidenhout

Ettienne is one of our course trainers here at Parallaxx. With 8 years in the industry and a strong focus on safety and harm-free environments, Ettienne’s speciality is in TTM training, specifically the TC and L1 STMS courses.

In his free time Ettienne enjoys going tramping with his lovely wife and 4 beautiful daughters. His is also an avid musician and was once a Bassist in a rock band back in his homeland of South Africa.


Stiza Te Moananui

Stiza is a Trainer Consultant here at Parallaxx, specialising in Waka Kotahi Traffic Controller Qualification Workshops (L1 STMS & TC), he conducts compliance audits on TTM worksites, and provides On-site Coaching and Mentoring with Traffic Controllers and Road Workers.

Stiza has worked in Local & Civil Infrastructure, Residential & Commercial Construction, Waste Management, Freight & Logistics and Temporary Traffic Management industries for 20+ years. The last 10 years in leadership, Health & Safety, HR, and CoPTTM roles.

In his spare time Stiza likes to relax with family, travel and is currently immersing himself in his culture.


Junior Chan-Tung

Junior is the Solutions Consultant and TTM Project Manager here at Parallaxx. When he’s not Project Managing, Junior helps relationship manage our existing and new clients.

Junior has over 6 years experience within the TTM and Civil Construction industries and has built many strong relationships during that time.

Some of his favourite things are spending time with his family, friends, boating & fishing, outdoor activities, traveling and food.


Kelvin Leyland

Kelvin is a Consultant here at Parallaxx – he looks after a wide variety of clients – both large and small in the maintenance, project and private works spaces.

Prior to joining Parallaxx in June 2018, Kelvin was a TMC for the Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA) for 9 years. This role involved TTM advice and coordination across a number of nZTA Capital Works projects as well as general maintenance activities.

Outside of work, Kelvin likes to ski in the winter and relax with family and friends over the summer.


Voss Vatau

Voss is a Consultant here at Parallaxx. He is one of our specialist Traffic Managers who operates dedicated to a specific major project overseeing all Traffic Management operations. He is a Level 1 TC trainer, Level 2/3 STMS and NZTA TTM Planner.

Prior to working at Parallaxx some career highlights include – Well Connected, Southern Corridor, Kirkbride and Te Atatu Improvement Projects.

In his spare time he likes to relax with family and socialise with friends. He is also a keen rugby player and has played in front of 30,000+ rugby fans at Eden Park (as the curtain raiser).


Darrin Humphries

Darrin is a specialist TTM trainier and consultant here at Parallaxx. His substantial industry experience puts him in a unique position, giving him an in-depth working knowledge of both the practical and theoretical components of our industry. Darrin has been a teacher of CoPTTM theory for the past 14 years.

Darrin is currently utilising his knowledge and experience to help shape the future of Traffic Management within NZ as the National Design Advisor for the new NZTA training and competency model.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family on their farm in the Manawatu and playing the guitar.


Kava Aloua

Kava is a Traffic Management Consultant here at Parallaxx. He helps clients with all their TTM problems and his previous project management experience means he is particularly helpful in complex construction and vehicle management plans.

With 16 years in the industry, Kava brings a wealth of experience – from working on the road as a TC to Traffic Manager for the City Rail Link and everything inbetween.

In his spare time you can mostly find Kava crafting with his hands – he is a wonderfully talented woodturner (and other mediums). He also enjoys testing out recipes in his woodfired oven.


Fang Lim

Fang works for Parallaxx as a Traffic Management Consultant, specialising in construction staging, planning and implementation for major transportation projects. He has a mulitdisciplinary Civil Engineering background and is also a Chartered Civil Engineer member of Engineers Australia.

Prior to joining Parallaxx, Fang worked for CPB Contractors and Fletcher Construction in Traffic Management roles. Fang has a passion for business entrepreneurship and spends his time outside of the office building up his business networks overseas. He also enjoys time with his family and learning metaphysics.


Elise Freeman

Elise works for Parallaxx as a Consultant and in the Training and Auditing spaces.

Prior to Parallaxx Elise headed up the Training and Events department of a TTM company, was contracted to NZTA as the training moderator for Auckland TTM courses and has been involved in assisting organisations to adapt and adopt CoPTTM in a way that is practicable to their operations – needless to say she brings broad range of experience to Parallaxx and has an extensive depth of knowledge of the TTM space.

Outside of the office Elise likes to stay active – cycling, SUP Surfing, Hiking and Snow Skiing to name a few. She is also loves getting stuck into DIY on the weekends and is an enthsiastic ceramic potter.


Cole Tremayne

Cole is a Consultant here at Parallaxx. Previous to Parallaxx, he completed a Bachelor of Business Degree at AUT and has since spent his time in people focused professions. So even though he may be relatively new to the TTM industry, he knows his was around a good yarn and loves to help people out.

Born and raised in the Waitakere ranges Cole loves the bush and nature. He enjoys bush walks, beach walks and skating (when he isn’t injuring himself). That being said, Cole will also happily play guiter and video games until his fingers bleed.


Muhammad Patel

Muhammand is a Traffic Engineering Team Leader here at Parallaxx specialising in Traffic Management, Traffic Engineering, TMP Planning and Construction Management. He holds a Bachelor or Engineering (Civil) and a Masters of Engineering Studies (Transportation) and brings a wealth of experience – having worked on a range of projects large to small in a variety of civil engineering disciplines.

Outside of the office Muhammand enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter. In the weekends you can often find him invoved in a DIY project, hiking or watching a good sci-fi movie.


Kelly Foy

Description coming soon


Craig Britton

As a consultant to Parallaxx, Craig comes with over 10 years experience in the industry. Having owned and operated his own successful Traffic Management Company, Craig has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience. His forte is in specialist design, including Geometric design, Tendering and Management of larger, more complex projects.

Craig is an avid diver and fisherman albeit highly unsuccessful, and loves spending time with his family.


Cornelius (Cons) Talagi

Cornelius or ‘Cons’, is one of our Consultants here at Parallaxx. Cons brings a wealth of experience to the role with experience prior to Parallaxx in roles such as TMP Manager and Head Designer.

Outside of work Cons enjoys hanging out with family and friends, playing Rugby League and watching a good Netflix series.


Jolina Mendoza

Jolina “Jouls” is a Senior TMP Designer here at Parallaxx and holds a L2/3 STMS NP. She is a part of the design team and assists her teammates with their training and provides any additional support they may need to deliver the best TMPs in the business.

Jolina holds a Bachelor of Science Diploma specialising in Civil Engineering and received her licence as a Registered Civil Engineer in 2018.

Outside of work Jolina loves to spend time with her partner and family and enjoys discovering different foods and restaurants. She is also a musician – she plays many different native instruments.


Diya Bathala

Description coming soon

Training Coordinator

Tash Taylor

Description coming soon.


Joni Alison

Joni is the Admin and Hire Team Leader here at Parallaxx – she oversees our administration of hire equiptment and a number of our major projects.

Prior to Parallaxx she worked for an Australian (roading equiptment) hire company.

Outside of the office Joni enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her dogs. She is is also a ‘self-taught’ mechanic and uses YouTube videos to fix her car issues.


Kathleen Baking

Kit is the Parallaxx Admin Team Leader. She monitors team performance and uses her expertise to assist with training, support and to promote a customer-focused working environment.

Prior to joining Parallaxx, Kit worked in various Real Estate companies. When she is not working you’ll find her leading worship, preaching or leading the social media team in their local church. She describes herself as an extreme extrovert who loves people (and cats!).


Christian Soriano

Christian is a Senior Support Administrator at Parallaxx. His role is to support the Admin team leader to manage, monitor jobs and deliver high-quality administration. Before joining Parallaxx Christian was a designer of Hybrid fiber optic at an internet provider in the Philippines.

Outside of work Christian enjoys spending time with his son and streaming mobile games.


Lloyd Nicart

Lloyd is a part of the Parallaxx Administrative team and plays a key role in ensuring the efficiency of a number of our clients works. Lloyd has a fantastic relationship with a number of road controlling authority staff.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and various experience in Sales and Customer Service work.

On the weekend Lloyd enjoys performing electric guitar concertos of his fur-buddies.


Rodante Pascual

Rod is a Client Admin here at Parallaxx. He spends his days liasing with AT and the RCAs and has built up a good relationship with them. His passion is getting TMPs approved in a timely manner – at present he averages 100 TMP submissions a month!

Rod has been working in the customer service industry his entire career, including international Banks.

He’s a keen traveler having spent considerable time working in the UAE prior to joining Parallaxx.


Jannell Smith

Jannell or Fej (Feyj) as she prefers to be called is part of the Training Admin team here at Parallaxx. She helps out in the organisation of Parallaxx training courses.

Before joining Parallaxx she was a Property Management Assistant for a real estate company.

Fej enjoys eating, reading, writing, watching movies, or just chilling out at home doing nothing while listening to country music.


Susan Nangla

Susan is part of the Training Admin team here at Parallaxx. She helps out in the organisation of Parallaxx training courses.

Prior to Parallaxx Susan worked as a Human Resource Associate and later became an Admin and Executive Assistant in the field of real estate.

Aside from work, she focuses most of her energy on writing, traveling, meeting different people and making new friends. No matter how busy her day gets, she’s always fueled with energy as long as there is wine, pizza and chocolates involved!


Rhadnee Perez

Rhadnee (or Rhad) is a TMP Admin here at Parallaxx. He spends his days liasing with clients and RCAs regarding TMP applications – from job set up right through to the uploading process.

Rhad is an experienced Office Administrator with international expertise, including managing a small printing business of his own.

He loves road trips and plans to travel the world someday.


Joyce Tanglao

Joyce is a part of the Admin Team here at Parallaxx. She enjoys carrying out administrative duties such as providing admin support, setting up jobs and uploading TMPs.

Outside of work she leads young professionals – helping them with personal and spiritual growth. She is also a nature lover and loves relaxing at the beach.


Sigrid Singh

Sid is a part of the Admin Team here at Parallaxx. She enjoys carrying out administrative duties such as providing admin support, setting up jobs and uploading TMPs.

She holds a Bachelor Degreen in Mass Communication and it is her passion to assist people.

Prior to joining Parallaxx Sid worked as an executive assistant and content writer for a tax and insurance company.

Born in The Philippines, Sid is a half indian and half filipino. She loves writing, cooking and long drives, but spends most of her time writing poems and watching documentaries.


Laine Castaneda

Officially Lalaine – but you can call her Elle – works for Parallaxx as an Admin Support Agent. She assists our clients with managing declined and approved TMPs and all the documentation that goes with it.

Prior to working for Parallaxx, Elle worked in Qatar as an HR Assistant and a Teller in one of the top commercial banks in the Phillipines. She also helps to manage her family business.

Outside of the office you can find Elle spending time with her family, watching vlogs or movies or going out for a walk. She is a keen traveller and her fav cartoon is Doraemon.


Elaine Mandani

Elaine is an Admin Assistant and is a part of the Administration Team here at Parallaxx. She assists our clients with managing declined and approved TMPs and all the documentation that goes with it.

Prior to working for Parallaxx Elaine worked as an Admin Assistant in Real Estate and Fast Food industries.

Outside of work, Elaine enjoys spending time with her family and especially loves getting stuck into a good Netflix series.


Miguel Dayrit

Miguel is a part of the Admin support team here at Parallaxx – you will find him sorting approvals, declines and TMP/WAP comments. Prior to working for Parallaxx Miguel worked in an ESL company as a head teacher and a part of the admin team.

Outside of work, Miguel is a part of his church’s creative/social media team and is a youth leader. He enjoys playing volleyball, travelling and loves eating takoyaki and pizza!


Gel Seng

Gellina is our Finance Admin at Parallaxx. She works on the financial processes here which is perfect fit for her as she absolutely loves numbers.

Gel is a Certified Public Accountant and joined the Parallaxx team in early 2020, having 3 years previous experience in preparing financial reports.

Gel likes reading books in her spare time – she believes that everything you read fills your head with new information – you never know what might come in handy! She also enjoys going to the gym and practicing Yoga.


Vianny Rivera

Description coming soon


Renier Oliver

Renier works as a Consultant here at Parallaxx. He assists clients with detailed project management design, onsite traffic management coordination and complex traffic management problem solving.

Renier is an avid TMP designer with a speciality in CAD systems, 3D and 2D modelling. He is also a qualified Architect and Chef.

Renier enjoys getting out into the great outdoors. He also loves a good old Braai (BBQ) and cooking anything that comes to mind.


Diana Lising

Lady “Laids” is the Design Team Leader at Parallaxx. This involves managing the TMP Designers, helping them produce the high quality and timely TMPs the company is known for.

Lady is a licensed Architect and Master Plumber. Prior to Parallaxx she worked in a construction firm and freelanced using her top notch Architectual skills.

Outside of the office she keeps herself busy writing journals, ministering in the church and enjoying being a ‘certified homebody’.


Aeron Siongco

Aeron is a Senior TMP Designer and looks after a range of complex TMPs for various clients. Aeron is a qualified architect by trade but has developed a keen passion for Traffic Management Design since joining the industry in 2017. Aeron is a Qualified Level 2/3 Non-Practicing STMS and has attended the NZTA TTMP Workshop.

Aeron dreams of travelling, especially to Japan and Europe. Prior to Parallaxx, Rhon was part of design team for the “Green City” in the Philippines. He was part of the Track and Field team in college and also loves Chess.


Lara Vasquez

Lara is one of the senior designers here at Parallaxx. She holds a L2/3 STMS NP and spends her days drafting and designing TMPs, assisting other designers with peer reviews and overall TMP systems.

Lara has a bachelors degree in Architecture and is a licenced and registered Architect & Master Plumber.

Outside of the office Lara enjoys CrossFit and learning how to cook.


Antonette Galang

Antonette (or Ann for short) is part of the TMP design team at Parallaxx. She holds a L2/3 STMS NP and is responsible for prepraing TMP designs, drawings and documents for various clients.

Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is also a licenced Architect & Master Plumber.

Outside of work, Ann enjoys spending time with her family, baking delicious food and reading good books.


Josh Fajardo

Josh is a TMP Designer for Parallaxx and is a a part of the design team. He enjoys preparing TMP designs for various clients.

Prior to joining Parallaxx Josh worked as a Design Engineer in the field of Telecommunications.

Outside of the office Josh enjoys being physically active including walking, running, hiking, Volleyball, Table Tennis and DOTA. He is also a huge coffee lover – he says “coffee is not just a beverage, it’s a hug in a mug”.


Jaleel Sales

Jaleel is a TMP designer and is a part of the Parallaxx design team. He is a L2/3 NP STMS and enjoys doing work for various clients.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Electronics and Communications Engineering. Before joining Parallaxx Jaleel worked as a Design Engineer with practical experience in Design and Design QA of Fiber and HFC network design.

Outside of the office he loves to watch live streams of PUBG and Mobile Legends. He also enjoys playing guitar and hanging out with his cat called ‘Chicken’.


Jericho Medina

Jericho or “Meds” is a TMP Designer here at Parallaxx. He enjoys design TMPs for various clients and holds a L2/3 NP STMS warrant.

Jerico is an Architect and Master Plumber and before joining Parallaxx, worked for a construction firm rendering drawings for construction sites.

Outside of the office Jericho enjoys Sim Racing, collecting gunpla and hanging out with friends.


Mae Pamintuan

Mae is one of our dedicated Senior TMP designers here at Parallaxx. She is a part of the Design Team and conducts work for one specific client.

Mae is a Registered Licenced Architect and enjoys drawing architectural interiors and landscapes. With a passion for art – especially painting she hopes to one day be a well-known painter. She also enjoys eating and playing with her dogs.


Giselle Bisda

Giselle is a Senior TMP designer and is a part of the Parallaxx design team. She is a L2/3 NP STMS and enjoys doing work for various clients.

Giselle has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Electronics and Communications Engineering and has passed the Board Exam to become a licenced engineer in the same field. Before joining Parallaxx, Giselle worked as a Design Engineer with practical experience in Design and Design QA of Fiber and HFC network design.

Outside of the office she loves reading books, playing online games, watching movies and spending time with her family.


Bea Medina

Bea is a part of the TMP design team at Parallaxx and is responsible for preparing TMP designs, drawings and documents for various clients.

Bea holds a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Architecture and became a Registered Master Plumber in 2016 and a Registered and Licenced Architect in 2018. Prior to working for Parallaxx Bea was a Design Architect – leading a design development team.

In her downtime Bea likes listening to music, reading, writing, organising and creating art (mixed media and brush calligraphy). She also considers good food and coffee an essential to a life well-lived.


Michelle Serrano

Michelle is a TMP Designer here at Parallaxx and is a part of the Design Team. She enjoys designing TMPs for various clients.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and is a Registered Civil Engineer.

In her spare time Michelle enjoys playing mobile games and watching anime. She also loves to play with her dog Tobby – a Jack Russel/Shih Tzu mix.


Vincent Nebria

Vincent “Vince” is a TMP Designer and is a part of the Parallaxx design team. He enjoys preparing TMP designs and their supporting documents for various clients.

Vince holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.

Outside of work, Vince enjoys running marathons and other outdoor activities such as hiding and surfing. 


Mac Hale Sta. Rita

Mac Hale “Hale” is a TMP Designer and is a member of the Parallaxx design team. He enjoys designing TMPs for various clients.

Hale has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and prior to Parallaxx worked in a Construction Company as a Junior Architect.

Outside of work Hale likes to read alien conspiracies and theories.


Julie Sicangco

Julie is a TMP Designer here at Parallaxx and works as a part of the Design Team preparing TMPs for various clients. She has a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and prior to Parallaxx worked as an estimator/MEPF engineer.

Outside of the office Julie loves watching Korean Drama and travel Vlogs, and enjoys singing and dancing.


Paul Baduya

Paul or ‘Badz’ is a TMP Designer here at Parallaxx and works as a part of the Design Team preparing TMPs for various clients. Badz has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and is a Licenced Architect. Prior to Parallaxx he worked for a humanitarian organisation which looked after community infrastructure projects.

Outside of work Badz loves to travel with his wife and enjoys DIY – he plans to pursue carpentry specialising in modular cabinets.


Jose Joshua Lagman

Jose Joshua ‘Yuki’ is a TMP Designer here at Parallaxx and works as a part of the Design Team preparing TMPs for various clients. Jose has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and is a licenced Civil Engineer.

Outside of work, Jose loves reading mana, light novels and watching anime.


Kevin Mallari

Kevin is a part of the Parallaxx Design team and spends his work day preparing TMP Designs for various clients. Before joining Parallaxx Kevin worked in a General Construction company and as a freelance.

Outside of the office Kevin enjoys going to the gym, riding his motobike, singing and watching a good Netflix series.


Zoilo Manaloto

Description coming soon


Jack Crichton

Jack is quite literally the ‘Jack of all Trades’ for Parallaxx IT Support and Systems.

He has a background in studio and drama directing, editing, acting and camera, lights and sound. Before Parallaxx, Jack managed sales teams and started his own service and product company.

Jack calls himself a nerdy adventurist and always enjoys having a good time with friends.


Dominic Aloc

‘Doms’ as we call him here at Parallaxx, is a Traffic Engineer. He is responsible for designing Traffic Impact Assessments – a busy job that involves modelling intersections on specialised traffic software and interpreting the results to balance disruption against the need to get work done.

Before joining Parallaxx, Doms was a researcher in the Transport Engineering industry. He studied Civil Engineering and plans to finish his Masters on Transport Engineering soon.

In his spare time you’ll find Doms watching suspense-themed movies at home. He is also fond of travelling, experiencing new stuff and meeting new people.


Elmar Imanil

Elmar works for Parallaxx as a Traffic Engineer. Here you’ll find him hard at work churning out Traffic Management Assessments and Monitoring Reports on the daily. Before joining the Parallaxx team, Elmar held key roles in Traffic Management teams for major infrastructure projects.

Outside of the office Elmar loves his food, the online world and sleeping. 


John Carlo Zamora

John, or ‘JC’ as we call him is a CAD Systems Engineer specialising in developing purpose-built autoCAD systems, tool and components to allow efficient, consistent and accurate use of autoCAD across the business.

Prior to joining Parallaxx, he was an Outside-Plant Design Engineer for a telecomunications company.

In his free time, you’ll usually find him on a field flying his falcons or hanging out with his pet snakes, among other things.


Tina Dalupan

Tina is a Full-stack Developer here at Parallaxx. She enjoys solving complex problems and writing code (while listening to Freddie Mercury).

She is a tech whiz with 7 years experience in web development. She is passionate about integrating different applications together using APIs and web services and automating manual tasks.

Outside of work, Tina enjoys traveling, watching reality shows and sci-fi series on Netflix. She also loves creating weird healthy recipes (with garlic and chili of course) and sharing them with her family.


Daniel Villareal

Dan is a Full-Stack developer here at Parallaxx. He enjoys solving complex problems and working with smart, passionate people to get the job done.

Before joining Parallaxx Dan worked in the eLearning and Higher Education spaces. He loves to develop mobile applications, automations, function oriented applications, and other API that can be used in the future. He is a real techie guy who loves to innovate, DIY and spend time travelling with his friends.


Paul Augustine Calma

Paul works as a Graphic Designer and Front-end developer here at Parallaxx and is a part of the Media Team. Paul is responsible for putting together all the cool animated videos and designing/building our website – all graphic works are done in-house at Parallaxx.

Outside of the office Paul enjoys watching sci-fi & horror movies, playing video games, traveling with his family and loved ones and visiting coffee shops.


Gilbert Gomez

Gilbert works for Parallaxx as a Graphic Designer in the Media team. Gilbert uses his artistic eye and expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite to make all of our internal and external communications look top notch.

Gilbert is a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Visual Communication. He is a fine artist and has competed in art contests since the 4th grade.

On the weekends, Gilbert usually spends his time playing video games, painting, cooking, reading and going to the cinema.


Debra Tiangco

Description coming soon