Refresher: Site Traffic Management Specialist (STMS-R) Cat AB/C (Location: Taupo, Hamilton, Whangarei, Feilding)

Book your Refresher: Site Traffic Management Specialist, Cat AB & C (STMS AB & C) workshop here. This one-day workshop will extend the warrant for current or recently expired STMSs. Attendees will be updated on new guidelines and changes to CoPTTM and refresh key knowledge required for the role. This workshop will refresh your knowledge and result in an STMS A/B/ and C if applicable Non-Practising warrant. Trainees will then need to complete a Practical Assessment to regain their practising qulaification.

How it works: 

  • Register online through our easy booking system
  • Receive instant confirmation of placement on the workshop, joining instructions, and reminders
  • Attend the workshop
  • Receive a temporary wallet-sized warrant card and PDF certificate emailed to you on completion as evidence of qualification
  • We register you with Waka Kotahi, NZ Transport Agency, who will send you the official TC Warrant card

Who should attend?

Any person wishing to refresh their current STMS Cat AB, or C qualification, or obtain Cat B and/or C to their existing STMS (Site Traffic Management Supervisor) qualification.  

  • We recommend you book a place on the workshop in advance of your expiry date, so your warrant does not lapse. 
  • You can check your current qualification and expiry date here on the public CoPTTM search:  

Workshop Prerequisites: 

  • STMS Cat C -NP current or expired no more than 12 months, or
  • L2/3 STMS -NP current or expired no more than 12 months

Please refer to the Waka Kotahi website for more information.

*Note: If your STMS warrant has been expired longer than one year, you must complete the STMS Cat AB, and/or C workshop – you do not have to repeat TTM Worker or TMO again. 


The learning consists of a 1-day workshop covering interim changes to CoPTTM and amendments to the responsibilities for the STMS role.
  • 08:00 AM – 4:00 PM (generally about 8 hours including breaks)
  • Generally scheduled during weekdays, however, if you have a group, we can organise weekend or after-hours workshops specifically for you. 

Pricing and Payment: 

Cost: $459.00 + GST ($527.85 incl. GST) per person

If you are a recruitment agency or will have on-going registrations, please give us a call or email to discuss options. We have three payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Invoice

All workshops must be paid for prior to attending unless you have an arrangement with us.

Please note Parallaxx Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations and non-attendance at workshops.


Scheduled Courses: The following fees will apply when attendees choose to cancel their booked places on a course:

  • Cancellation received 1 working day before the course - 50% of the course cost
  • Cancellation not received before the course – no refund – total course cost applies. An attendee who cancels on the day of the course is not entitled to a refund. An attendee who cancels off a re-booked course will not be entitled to a refund.

What is included at the workshop? 

  • Lunch, Tea and Coffee
  • Temporary warrant card for use as evidence of qualification
  • PDF certificate emailed following workshop completion
  • Samsung tablet to be used with workshop material (you may bring your own laptop or device to load CoPTTM onto) 

Workshop content: 

  • Introduction of categories of road environment (A, B, C)   
  • The reasoning behind renaming of the Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) role to Site Traffic Management Supervisor Specialist (STMS)  
  • Amendments to the STMS responsibilities 
  • Amendments to responsibilities of a TC (and phase out of this role) 
  • Introduction of additional roles of: 

- Traffic Management Operative (TMO)  

- STMS Mobile operations - STMS (M) 

  • Amendments to A6 Training to list the learning blocks covered in the Waka Kotahi training and competency model and link to the website for details of each learning block 
  • Amendments to the requirements for shoulder and roadside activities  
  • Amendments to requirements for inspection-type activities. 
  • The workshop is a summary of the changes and relearning key areas of CoPTTM. 


The testing of the refresher will include open book tests on each covered section of CoPTTM – Categories A, B and C.

Workshop Qualification: 

Evidence of qualification is extremely important, especially for those who need to provide proof of qualification for jobs or contract work. Following the workshop, you will receive: 

  • A wallet-sized temporary warrant card approved by Auckland Transport / Waka Kotahi
    • This serves as temporary proof of qualification until the Waka Kotahi card arrives
    • This will include your name, date of attendance and the trainer’s information.
  • Certificate for completion of workshop- no waiting around for days for your certificate to be sent out, our system will automatically create and send it to you.
  • Dedicated administrators for your registration to send out your registration to Waka Kotahi within 48 hours.
    • Waka Kotahi takes 8 to 12 weeks to send your warrant card
    • Your Refresher STMS qualification with Cat A, B, and/or C is valid for 3 years from the date of the workshop. 

Please note: To obtain a practising warrant following this workshop, you must complete an STMS Practical Assessment for the category of road you wish to be practising on. Use our free application to apply here.

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