Parallaxx is one of the few Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) companies that facilitate Level 2/3 Non-Practising (NP) and Level 2/3 Practising STMS courses in New Zealand. Most of the TTM companies out there offer only the basic classroom-based courses: Level 1 Basic Traffic Control Course to Level 1 STMS Course.

What is the role of a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS)?  According to the new NZTA Training and Competency Model that is recently started rolling out, an STMS is an onsite supervisor that can:
  • Set up, change and remove a worksite to a predetermined plan
  • Manages additional specialist activities if required e.g. event management, traffic signals, sealing road marking and barrier systems.
Non-Practising to Practising STMS The new NZTA Training and Competency Model focuses on the concept of NP and Practising STMS warrants.  “After the person successfully completes the learning, and passes all of the tests, they will be warranted as  Non-Practising.  Once the person has been assessed as competent in all of the practical skills associated with the learning block, they will be warranted as Practising.” In the future, before an STMS becomes warranted, a practical assessment must be undertaken for each NZTA warranted category of road environment. This is a change from no assessment at Level 1 and an overarching assessment at Level 2 and 3. To be warranted for all roads, the STMS would need to undertake three separate practical assessments.
How long does it take to attend an STMS Course?  Currently there is a 30 day stand down after you have passed the Level 1 Basic Traffic Control (TC) Course before you can attend the Level 1 STMS workshop.  Once you have passed the Level 1 STMS course, you can take the Level 2/3 NP STMS course. It is recommended you spend three months gaining on road experience before attempting the Level 2/3 Practising assessment, however you can take the assessment immediately once you passed the Non-Practising course if you wish.
When do you need to renew your warrant?  All TTM warrant cards will expire after 3 years. There is a 12-month grace period to take the refresher course. However, during this period you are not allowed to set up any worksites. If you hold a Level 1 STMS certification and you fail to take the one day refresher course during the 12 month grace period, you will be  required to take the 2 day Level 1 STMS course again and NOT the 1 day refresher course. 

How much will it cost to take STMS Training?

Parallaxx STMS’ rates or fees for: 

*If your organisation is organised and efficient, you can be charged much less for an assessment.

STMS Refresher Courses Fees: 

Where can I take my STMS Training?  We offer Level 2/3 Non-Practising and Practising courses in Auckland and Wellington

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