What is an STMS?

The STMS is the supervisor responsible for managing all temporary traffic management aspects of a roadworks site. They ensure effective protection for all road workers and road users at and near the site, correct direction of the traffic through the site as well as compliance with all necessary standards, and responsibility for traffic-related safety at all times.

In simple words, an STMS is a Site Traffic Management Supervisor, the person who oversees the traffic management of a road works site.

Their role is one that carries a high level of responsibility for the motorists passing a road works site, as well as ensuring that the traffic management in use, is suitable to also protect those who work on the site.

Who can become an STMS?

In short, anyone can become an STMS. The only prerequisite to taking your level 1 STMS course is you must have held a TMO Practicing warrant for at least one month, or been an STMS of any level at any time in the past. 

As an STMS you will play a huge part in traffic management. You will be working on traffic management plans, managing crew’s, and supervising Traffic Controllers on site. 

What does this mean?

  • – You will put signs and cones out
  • – Assist with stop/go – driving activities
  • – You will also make sure both your team and the public are always safe  

What is involved in obtaining my level 1 STMS qualification? 

Attendees will gain the knowledge required to complete a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and supervise TTM on Level 1 worksites. 

For a person to attain the Level 1 STMS Qualification they will undergo 3 days of classroom training (a 1 day and then a 2-day course). They will also gain experience working on the roads setting up, maintaining, and removing traffic management sites under supervision before gaining the STMS Qualification.

This qualification allows the STMS to:

  • – Install, maintain, and remove Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) on Level 1 and Low Volume Roads in areas of lower than 15,000 vehicles per day in urban areas and 10,000 vehicles per day in rural areas.
  • – Instruct Traffic Controllers to maintain Level 1 and Low Volume worksites on their behalf (conditions apply)
  • – Prepare and Submit Temporary Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) for Level 1 roads
  • – Check and approve Level 1 Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) (with appropriate authority)
  • – Audit Level 1 and Low Volume Worksites (with appropriate authority)

Who should attend and STMS Course?

  • – Anyone who is required to set up, modify and maintain Temporary Traffic Management worksites on Level 1 roads
  • – Anyone who wants to design and submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Designs   
  • – Consultants, developers, surveyors, project managers, engineers wanting a better understanding of TTM to assist with decision making and planning.
  • – Anyone who wants to further their progress in TTM industry or train to the Level 2/3 Non-Practising level.
  • – Every 3 years the STMS must also attend a 1-day Refresher Workshop to stay up to date with their Qualification

Levels of STMS

There are 3 “levels” of an STMS Qualification. Level 1, as above, then there is STMS-AB NP (Or non-practising). This level is for working on higher capacity roads such as Expressways and Motorways and uses bigger sized signs and trucks. With this Qualification, the STMS cannot oversee putting the site out or removing it but can look after the site once installed.  After this is the Level 2/3 Practicing STMS – the person in charge of these higher capacity roads.

Traffic Management is not a career for everyone but for those of us who persevere, it is a rewarding and exciting industry to be involved with and can lead to many different rewarding career opportunities that play a pivotal role within society. 

As an STMS gains experience and confidence there are many other roles within the industry that become available, such as:

  • – TMP Designer – the person who prepares the Traffic Management Plan for use.
  • – TMP Approver – a person who Approves the Traffic Management Plan for use on the roads
  • – Auditor – a person who checks sites for compliance
  • – Trainer – a person who trains the next STMS stars
  • – Traffic Manager – A person who oversees traffic management works on Major Projects – a Project Manager of sorts
  • – Project STMS – Senior STMS who works on Major Projects
  • And many other roles.

The only thing stopping a person rising through the various roles is their own level of ambition. 

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