Level 1 Basic Traffic Controller (TC) Course

Book your Level 1 Basic Traffic Control Course (TC) online at Parallaxx. This one day course is an introduction to Temporary Traffic Management (TTM). Attendees will gain the knowledge and skills required to setup and maintain a basic worksite. The TC course is a prerequisite to all other TTM courses and can be used to refresh an existing TC qualification.

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  • 14 Jul 2020
    1 day, Tue 08:00 AM - Tue 04:30 PM
    • $259.00 excl. GST
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Who Should Attend Level 1 Basic Traffic Control Course:

    • Anyone who is required to take control of a worksite on a Level 1 road or are working around Temporary Traffic Management. For example arborists, civil workers, utilities, assets workers.
    • Consultants, Developers, Surveyors, Project Managers, Engineers
    • Anyone who needs to further their knowledge about working on the road
    • Refreshing a current or expired Level 1 TC warrant
    • Anyone in need to refresh their traffic control warrant

Course Prerequisites:


    • 1-Day Course
    • Schedule: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
    • 8 hours (including breaks)


    • $ 297.85 including GST ($259.00 without GST)


    • FREE lunch on that day
    • Tea or Coffee
    • Temporary warrant card for use as evidence of qualification
    • Samsung tablet as a course material (you may bring your own laptop)

Course Content:

    • Introduction to the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM)
    • How to navigate the CoPTTM
    • Authorities and Responsibilities of a Traffic Controller
    • Equipment and Signs used to road work sites
    • How to Operate as a Manual Traffic Controller (MTC) - Stop/Go
    • Where to Place Signs: Static worksites and layout distances
    • Mobile Operations: How to set up a worksite
    • Mobile Operations: How to carry out inspections activities
    • Run-through of the documentation used at TTM worksites like the on-site record


    • Four open book test on each section of CoPTTM - Section A, B, C and D
    • Passing Rate: 60% or more in each test to pass


    • Industry experts will facilitate the workshop
    • Powerpoint presentation
    • Large open plan room with air-conditioning

Course Qualification: 

Since evidence of qualification is extremely important, especially for those who need to provide proof for their jobs or contract work we will provide the following for you:

    • An ID card approved by Auckland Transport that will serve as proof of attendance
    • Certificate for Completion of Course - no waiting around for days for your certificate to be sent out, our system will automatically create and send it to you.
    • Dedicated administrators for your registration to send out your registration to NZTA within 48 hours.
    • NZTA takes 8 to 12 weeks to send your warrant card
    • Your TC qualification is valid for 3 years from the date of course