To be able to deliver a Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) plan efficiently, it is essential to have your team trained at the appropriate level. Once initial training has been completed (i.e. Level 1 TC or  Level 1 STMS) a refresher course helps your staff maintain their qualification.

It is a requirement under the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 for  TTM providers to have adequate knowledge and training to execute a traffic management plan. NZTA issues a warrant card after training has been completed. The warrant card states the level of training completed. A certified Level 1 Traffic Controller is allowed to facilitate work activities on Level 1 roads while a Level 2/3 Practising Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) can take responsibility for on level 2 and 3 roads.

Temporary Traffic Management warrant cards or “tickets” expire after 3 years, after which you will need to send your TTM staff to a refresher course through a qualified traffic control course provider for renewal. After a warrant card has expired, warrant card holders have a 12 month grace period to take their refresher course, however during this time they are unable to set up any worksites. If you hold a Level 1 STMS certification and you failed to renew it within the 12-month grace period you are required to take the 2-day Level 1 STMS course again and not the course level refresher course. Moreover, according to Ettienne Bezuidenhout, one of the TTM trainers from Parallaxx Limited, “if your Level 1 STMS  card is about to expire in a month and you sit to Level ⅔ Non-Practising class and pass, then, all levels are valid for three years from the date you passed your Level 2/3 Non-Practising”. Passing your Level 2/3 Non-Practising training gives you the consent to monitor a shoulder closure set up on Level 2 roads and all Level 1 road STMS capabilities.

Mr Bezeuidenhout also points out, “If you progress to do your practical assessment to become a Practising STMS, your Practising STMS ticket will only be valid for the duration of your Level 2/3Non-Practising. When the 2/3 Non-Practising expiry date comes up then the STMS must re-sit the 2/3 Non-Practising Refresher Course”. This gives the STMS another 3 years with 2/3 Non-Practising ticket but to maintain their 2/3 Practising a ROPE application or another practical assessment is required.

The 8-hour Refresher Courses – Level 1 TC, Level 1 STMS and Level 2/3 Non-Practising are structured to cover all the most recent updates to CoPTTM. At the same time, the trainer will assess the attendee’s knowledge of CoPTTM through open book tests.

On these refresher courses, you not only benefit from a shorter course at a reduced price. You also get to build on your knowledge and draw on previous experience – these courses are an opportunity for discussion and clarification. For those who took some time off, refresher courses give you the confidence to ride the bicycle again – to get your mind back on the game with the newest industry developments and updates.

Keeping your staff’s training up to date is mandatory. The Temporary Traffic Management guidelines of CoPTTM change regularly based on improved safety standards or in some cases relaxations. Please note if you initially attended training elsewhere, Parallaxx is NZTA and NZQA accredited and can provide you or your staff a refresher course.

You can book online your traffic control course here or call directly at  0800 333 772.