Traffic Management Operative (TMO) – Practising: Verification and Assessment Programme

Following the successful completion of a TMO - NP, trainees can complete a Parallaxx Verification, and Assessment Programme to assist with achieving the TMO - Practising Warrant.Trainees will work with an experienced TTM Mentor who will observe, verify, and sign off TMO verification tasks required for trainees to be eligible for their TMO P assessment.

This is a two-day comprehensive onsite verification and assessment programme including observations, verification task sign offs and the TMO Practical Assessment.

Please note that when attending a Verification and Assessment Programme, no coaching or mentoring is facilitated. We encourage you to ensure that your trainee has gained enough on-site experience prior to attending the programme, as it will prepare and help them better understand the verification and assessment process.

Who is this for?

Organisations who:

  • do not have the internal mentoring capability
  • do not have the internal expertise
  • do not have the TTM plant and equipment to self-deliver
  • require ease of facilitation
  • want to expedite the process as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • need their team functioning at full capacity to deliver their normal workload

If you don't have the knowledge, capability, and time to put your workers through the TMO Practising Warrant, this is the solution for you!

Day 1: A TTM Mentor will observe and sign off verification tasks for trainees throughout Day 1. The TTM Mentor will complete observations and verification task sign offs the following:

  • briefings
  • on-site training
  • carry out practical tasks
  • obtain verifications of tasks 1 - 4 as outlined in US 31960 (TMO P)
  • debriefs (including any STMS Mentor recommendations for further training required prior to assessment)

*Please note the Practical Assessment will be scheduled for a day during the following working week. This allows the TTM Mentor and Parallaxx Assessor to verify all paperwork is achieved and complete as per the required criteria, hence a break in this programme. 

Day 2: Trainees will spend 2 hours thoroughly preparing with the TTM Mentor for their assessment tasks. A Parallaxx Assessor will then meet the trainees and TTM Mentor in the yard prior to going out to the practical assessment location to observe and assess each trainee demonstrating the TMO practical assessment tasks. 

You will complete:

  • assessment preparation
  • assessment tasks 5 - 7 as outlined in US 31960 (TMO P)
  • paperwork to compile verifications and evidence

Successful participants will be awarded the TMO- P warrant, with the knowledge and skills to perform their role safely and compliantly. 

What is included: 

  • We provide all TTM equipment and traffic management vehicles including signs and cones
  • An approved Traffic management plan for the mentoring and assessment
  • Assessment documentation including the Trainee assessment (US 31958) 
  • On-site records, hazard identification documentation and any other paper resources you will need (you may supply your own)
  • A certificate of completion which will be available for download as a PDF to your phone or computer to use as evidence

What trainees need to bring:

  • Their own PPE including:
    • Hi-vis vest
    • Long sleeves / pants (long longs)
    • Hard hat
    • Safety glasses
    • Gloves
    • Steel-cap, lace up boots
    • Wet weather gear (weather dependent)
  • A good attitude and willingness to learn

Minimum number requirements: 

  • Please note this programme will only be run if minimum numbers are met and will be cancelled if they are not. 
  • We require four trainees for this programme to proceed and to be financially viable.
  • We will let you know 48 hours prior if the workshop will not be going ahead.
  • This workshop has not been setup to generate large amounts of revenue, it is purely a service to our customers who are unable to self-deliver the requirements for TMO-Practising. 

Cost &

Verification and Assessment Programmes are a set price per programme and not per trainee.


  • $6199.00 + GST per programme for 1 trainee
  • $7199.00 + GST per programme for 2 trainees
  • $8199.00 + GST per programme for 3 trainees
  • $7700.00 + GST per programme for 4 trainees
    • This programme, for four trainees, can be offered at this set price as the trainees make up the crew, removing the need to hire a full On-Road team as required for the programmes above with less than four trainees.
    • If one of your four trainees cannot attend on the day and additional cost will be incurred as we will then be on-charging the cost of the extra On-Road required to facilitate the programme.
    • You must provide a minimum of four trainees for this programme to proceed. 

The programme must be paid for prior to attending unless you have an arrangement with us.

Please note Parallaxx Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations and non-attendance at workshops and assessments.

Payment requirements: 

  • To secure your place on this programme you must have confirmed payment 48 hours prior to the programme starting or have a payment plan or agreement in place.
  • No shows or cancellations within 48 hours are non-refundable.
  • If you can find a replacement, there will be a $50.00 admin fee.
  • The TMO - NP warrant is a prerequisite to this programme. You will need to provide evidence.

The TMO - NP warrant is a prerequisite to this programme. You will need to provide evidence.