Wynyard Quarter & Halsey Street Wastewater Upgrades


Downer NZ


Auckland CBD


Current (still constructing)


The Wynyard Quarter area has been a developing part of downtown Auckland for some time. With the obvious streetscape improvements comes significant underground utility improvements. Range of these upgrades are across the Wynyard Quarter area. With significant upright construction and other road improvement works - this means competing for workspace and overlapping worksite environments are almost guaranteed.


Parallaxx provided a one-stop coordination shop to all contractors and Panuku development to implement a 'master TMP' across the whole area. This reduced cost, duplication of effort and risk to all contractors and principals and was seen as a 'first of its kind; approach to TTM in a constrained overlapping environment such as this.


Works have been continuing for a number of years and have some time yet to go. Parallaxx continue to provide overall TTM coordination in conjunction with Panuku and Auckland Transport.


Cole Tremayne
Renier Oliver
Ben Isdale

Equipment used

Coming soon


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