Waikeria Prison


CPB Contractors




Current (still constructing)


A significant rebuild of a major prison in the Waikato region that you wouldn’t think would have too many traffic management challenges however the precarious interseciton between SH3 and Waikeria Road says different. The construction floods the intersection with a significant increase in heavy vehicle movements, inflaming the already challenging safety environment.


Strict consent conditions, coupled with challenging road safety considerations mean this acute traffic management problem isn't easily solved. A combination of active and passive TTM measures such as video monitoring, google travel time monitoring and acceleration of road safety work provided by the asset owner combine together to make this environment as safe as possible.


Significant coordination is still necessary with this ongoing project across RCAs, asset owners, the Department of Corrections, maintenance contractors and the project team. Parallaxx's role to provide the best total traffic management solution is ongoing and has required innovative thinking particularly in the area of data collection and interpretation.


Kava Aloua
Dominic Aloc
Ettienne Bezuidenhout

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