Pukekohe East Reservoir


Fulton Hogan


South Auckland


Current (still constructing)


This project is almost entirely offline meaning the impact on the road corridor is via large vehicle movements (site access) and some service connections work only. The nature of the location however presented some unique road safety challenges in a high speed rural area not suited to accommodate large trucks moving to and from the site area.


Our involvement focussed on the road safety aspects of a specific intersection adjacent to the site area. The large vehicle movements coupled with speed, visibility and carriageway width factors meant for some concerning changes to the risk profile of the location. We proposed a number of simple adjustments to improve safety and make sure the presence of the worksite didn't increase overall risk to the local environment.


Some simple measures taken with the nearby intersection meant with an injection of energy and some low-cost adjustments the safety picture could be improved and large worksite vehicles didn’t post an increased risk to existing local traffic.


Dominic Aloc
Jolina Mendoza

Equipment used

Coming soon


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