Northcote Cycleway


Dempsey Wood Civil


North Auckland


Current (still constructing)


A complex project to add a supplementary footbridge over State Highway 1 on the Northern Motorway in Auckland. This project requires significant construction adjacent to and over one of New Zealand's busiest motorways. All whilst ensuring minimal disruption and retained function of the major motorway interchange that the project is dissecting. The end result will be a fantastic and safe shared use facility however not before the challenges of construction through a fully functioning motorway itnerchange are fully overcome.


One key challenge of this project is the need to install a new footbridge over State Highway 1, but ensure uninterrupted traffic flow beneath. Furthermore, placement of a cental pier means temporary road realignment of SH1 (without reducing capacity) but no plans for resurfacing exist. The solution is utilising temporary linemarking tape that will limit the damage to the pavement surface and allow for realigned lanes to accomodate construction.


The project is currently ramping up towards their most difficult challenges and Parallaxx continues to support with detailed TMP design and road safety barrier design.

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