Muriwai Roundabout


Dempsey Wood Civil


West Auckland


Older (finished outside the last 12 months)


Safety improvement project to construct a roundabout at the intersection of SH16 and Muriwai Road at Waimouku (northwest of Auckland). There were significant working space constraints due to the nature of the intersection and the placement of the new roundabout. We needed to maintain all legs of the intersection and there is a large volume of peak traffic using SH16 and Muriwai Rd at this location. There was also a school on Muriwai Rd within 100m of the intersection and heavy pedestrian numbers before and after school hours


We utilised our experience in designing temporary roundabouts to provide a number of stages to construct all areas of this project. There was also quite a bit of temporary barrier used on site to protect the working spaces


The roundabout was successfully constructed on time whilst maintaining access to all approaches


Andrew Young

Equipment used

Coming soon


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