Hunua 4 Watermain


McConnell Dowell


Central Auckland


Current (still constructing)


This project is for Section 11 of the Hunua 4 Watermain project. This takes the pipeline from Market Rd through to Burleigh St in the city. Utilising busy, city streets as the route creates many issues involving high traffic volumes, noise in residential areas, access to businesses and residents, as well as very deep shafts that need protecting.


The working space constraints for the project have been a challenge, though fortunately with our help during the tender process the contractor was able to come up with a solution that had most of the pipeline being installed using trenchless methods. This has then only required major works at half a dozen specific locations


Though the project is ongoing, the innovative solution of using trenchless technology combined with our TTM staging has ensured that the project has had considerably less impact on drivers and residents

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