Auckland Transport Southwest Urban Maintenance Contract


Downer NZ


South Auckland


Current (still constructing)


Auckland's roading network requires constant renewal maintenance and given it's size - the region is split into contract areas and the South West Urban area (Managed by Downer NZ) is one of the largest. Given the size, significant resource is required and Parallaxx provides supplementary TMP design support to Downer to maintain productivity in their contractual obligations and keep the network in good shape.


With maintenance contracts - responsiveness is key. A high volume of regular maintenance work coupled with a high necessity for flexibility means TMP design must be responsive and adaptable. We have a large team who are able to respond quickly to contracts of this nature and our dedicated account manager system ensures that we are a reliable and educated partner for Downer NZ.


We've been involved with Downer NZ on this contract since commencement and have assisted with numerous difficult, short-turnaround and flexible operations that come with delivering a large urban road maintenance contract.


Renier Oliver
Steven Kinzett

Equipment used

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