Auckland Airport Northern Network Improvements


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South Auckland


Current (still constructing)


Numerous projects make up Auckland Airport's extensive infrastructure programme over the next 10 years and beyond. One of these is the widening and improvement of the SH20A corridor leading into Tom Pierce Drive. Despite a scaling back of projects due to COVID-19 - this project will still continue albeit in a reduced capacity.


The challenge of upgrading the main vehicular thoroughfare into Auckland Airport cannot understated. The initial tender and planning stages of the project involved heavy traffic modelling and assessment of the unique traffic environment that is Auckland Airport. The nature of the area means peaks are almost continuous, and any fluctuation in carriageway capacity can be catastrophic for many. Parallaxx have been heavily involved in the design, implementation, modelling and reporting for this project in order to assist the main contractor in their delivery towards the high standards set by AIAL Limited.


Pre- COVID-19 the results of our traffic modelling work were promising - and it was clear our TTM designs were working harmoniously with a constrained network with minimal fluctuation in the throughput of this main corridor. Since the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 we've been able to pivot and assist with he investigation of more extensive TTM solutions given the reduction in air traffic. This is a great way we were able to work collaboratively with the contractor and Auckland Airport in making the most of reduced traffic volumes.

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