Inspector Training Workshops


This training is similar to the TMO training but includes CAT C inspection material.

This qualification enables the holder, to:

  • Undertake roadside activities on all roads less than 60km/hr
  • Undertake inspection activities on all roads less than 60km/hr and on bi-directional roads of any speed

Additional considerations about the qualification:

  • Inspection activities in the live lane of multilane roads greater than 70km hr are not covered under this qualification
  • The Inspector qualification does not require an STMS to be in overall charge of the inspection activity

This special qualification is designed for:

  • Any person wishing to conduct inspection activities and who does not need to hold other TTM warrants.
    • This may include surveyors, provided their work fits within the range of inspection activities.

*Staff who are regularly involved in the installation of TTM closures on CAT A, B, or C roads, which may include inspecting or carrying out non-invasive work, are not eligible for the Inspector warrant.

Examples of activities that can be carried out under the Inspector warrant:

  • Observation, using a measuring wheel, surveys, traffic counts
  • Installing traffic count equipment
  • Road maintenance activities such as removal of litter, cleaning signs, cleaning edge markers, or taking photographs.

Type of workshop:

This is a 4hr workshop with theory assessments. Those who pass the workshop will need to go on to successfully complete 2 practical competence assessments to achieve the practicing inspector qualification and can apply through their trainers to receive a certificate of achievement and a warrant card that will be issued by Waka Kotahi. Those who take charge of a worksite must be certified and registered on the Waka Kotahi's TTM database.


Cost: $379.00 + GST ($435.85 incl. GST) per person

If you are a recruitment agency or will have on-going registrations, please give us a call or email to discuss options. We have three payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Invoice

All workshops must be paid for prior to attending unless you have an arrangement with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What equipment do I need to carry out inspections?

- In all cases, you need a minimum Hi Viz Vest. In most cases, you need a vehicle with an amber flashing beacon and a vehicle-mounted road inspection sign. 

Can I do other types of temporary traffic management under this warrant?

- You are essentially able to carry out any non-invasive inspection activities which may include diverting pedestrians into berm areas only.

How will this workshop save me money?

- If you only carry out inspection activities including inspections on all road environments, you can save yourself a number of days of training and a number of practical competency verifications and assessments.

Who is eligible for an Inspector warrant?

- Anyone is eligible to attend an Inspector workshop. There is no prerequisite for this workshop. 

There is no prerequisite for this level of training.