Kerbside Collection Traffic Leader (KCTL)

This is a unique qualification for the Waste Collection Industry and must be renewed every three years.


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    This qualification enables the holder to lead a mobile work team (usually a driver and collectors) to complete kerbside collection activities.

    Training must be carried out by an NZTA qualified CoPTTM trainer.

    Requirements for this qualification are:

    • All drivers must be trained as a KCTL
    • All mobile work teams (usually a driver and collectors) must be led by a KCTL
    • There must be a minimum of one STMS per company. Where a company has more than one branch they may require an additional STMS.

    Type of Course:

    This is a 4 hour workshop with assessments. Attendees must achieve a 60 percent pass for the assessments to gain the qualification.

    Those who pass the course can apply through their trainers to receive a certificate of achievement and a warrant card that will be issued by the NZTA.

    All drivers and those who lead mobile work teams must be certified as a KCTL and registered on the NZTA’s TTM database.


    There is no prerequisite qualification for this level of training.