Traffic Controller – Inspector (TC-I)

TC Inspectors course includes additional material for inspection activities on Level 2 & 3 roads enabling the holder to inspect on lanes of level 2 roads, without the full 5 days training normally required to become a 2/3 Non-Practising STMS. Excellent for those needing to carry out a small number of inspections each year, but do not wish to be 2/3 Non-Practising STMS.

Note: Due to a lesser demand than other TTM courses, we run a limited number of public inspection courses. If you have a number of people requiring this qualification, please contact us to organise an in-house course. Available nationwide. 


This training is similar to the TC training but includes level 2 and level 3 inspection material.

This training is delivered by selected trainers and may include a regional network induction for the region where the workshop is being held. Prior to carrying out inspections in any region, the TC Inspector must receive that RCA’s level 2 and 3 network induction.

This qualification enables the holder, once briefed by the STMS, to: set up, maintain, alter and remove level LV and level 1 TTM worksites undertake inspections that are totally outside the edgeline of level 2 and level 3 roads undertake inspections on the lane of level 2 roads with permanent speed under 65km/h. For this activity, the onsite control must be by an STMS L2/3, or an STMS-NP or a TC Inspector.


This special qualification is designed for:

  • Person who might be infrequently (e.g. 4 or less occasions per annum) required to carry out inspections on the live lane of level 2 roads e.g. planners/property staff required to make confirmatory site or location inspections on level 2 or level 3 roads over the course of one year
  • Students or casual workers employed to carry out a study e.g. A traffic count from a safe location, or a visual inspection of an asset such as a sign or a barrier system

Staff who are regularly involved in the installation of TTM closures on level 2 and level 3 roads, which may include inspecting or carrying out non-invasive work, are not eligible for the TC Inspector and must hold the level 2/3 STMS or STMS-NP qualification.

Examples of activities that can be carried out under the TC Inspector warrant:

  • Observation, using a measuring wheel, surveys, traffic counts
  • Installing traffic count equipment
  • Road maintenance activities such as removal of litter, cleaning signs, cleaning edge markers, installing edge marker posts, temporary pothole repairs, hand clearing vegetation from culvert headwalls and inlet/ outlets or taking photographs.

Type of course:

This is a one-day workshop with assessments. Attendees must achieve a 60 percent pass of the assessments to gain the qualification. Those who pass the course can apply through their trainers to receive a certificate of achievement and a warrant card that will be issued by Waka Kotahi. Those who take charge of a worksite in the absence of the STMS must be certified and registered on the Waka Kotahi's TTM database.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What equipment do I need to carryout inspections?
In all cases, you need a minimum Hi Viz Vest. In most cases you need a vehicle with an amber flashing beacon and a vehicle mounted road inspection sign. 

Can I do other types of temporary traffic management under this warrant?
You are essentially able to carry out any traffic management activities that a normal L1 Traffic Controller can perform, so yes its not just for inspections.

How will this course save me money?
If you only carry out inspection activities including inspections on level 2 and 3 roads, you can save yourself 4 days training.

Who is eligible for a TC Inspector warrant?
Anyone who has no Waka Kotahi TTM qualification, for no qualification higher than a level 1 Traffic Controller warrant is eligible to attain the TC Inspector warrant.


There is no prerequisite for this level of training.

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