Traffic Controller – Inspector (TC-I)

This training is similar to the TC training but includes level 2 and level 3 inspection material.


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    This training is similar to the TC training but includes level 2 and level 3 inspection material.

    This training is delivered by selected trainers and may include a regional network induction for the region where the workshop is being held. Prior to carrying out inspections in any region, the TC Inspector must receive that RCA’s level 2 and 3 network induction.

    This qualification enables the holder, once briefed by the STMS, to: set up, maintain, alter and remove level LV and level 1 TTM worksites undertake inspections that are totally outside the edgeline of level 2 and level 3 roads undertake inspections on the lane of level 2 roads with permanent speed under 65km/h. For this activity, the onsite control must be by an STMS L2/3, or an STMS-NP or a TC Inspector.

    This special qualification is designed for:

    • Person who might be infrequently (eg 4 or less occasions per annum) required to carry out inspections on the live lane of level 2 roads e.g. planners/property staff required to make confirmatory site or location inspections on level 2 or level 3 roads over the course of one year
    • Students or casual workers employed to carry out a study e.g. A traffic count from a safe location, or a visual inspection of an asset such as a sign or a barrier system

    Staff who are regularly involved in the installation of TTM closures on level 2 and level 3 roads, which may include inspecting or carrying out non-invasive work, are not eligible for the TC Inspector and must hold the level 2/3 STMS or STMS-NP qualification.

    Examples of staff involved in activities that will not be eligible are:

    • Contract manager for level 2/3 project
    • Litter collection
    • Gardening
    • Sign or other device cleaning

    Type of course:

    This is a one-day workshop with assessments. Attendees must achieve a 60 percent pass of the assessments to gain the qualification. Those who pass the course can apply through their trainers to receive a certificate of achievement and a warrant card that will be issued by the NZTA. Those who take charge of a worksite in the absence of the STMS must be certified and registered on the NZTA’s TTM database.


    There is no prerequisite for this level of training.