The 5 things that will help you get a Job in Traffic Management 

Like many students these days, there were numerous thoughts running through my mind when I was in my last year of high school. Most importantly, what would I do when school ended? I didn’t know what career path I wanted to take and was at a stage where I knew it was time to start making decisions that would influence the rest of my life.

I was about to finish 12 years of schooling (Primary through Secondary) and didn’t feel that another four years at university was the path for me. So, I decided to jump into the workforce and to start earning – but in what job? 

I tried many jobs in my first-year post-school, right from labouring for a panel beater, to being a freight sorter, but nothing seemed to be capturing my interest. I had started to feel lost on this career journey for a brief period, until, a Traffic Management company that my cousin was working for had an opening. I talked to her about what the role involved, and I found myself thinking; ‘why not give it a go? I am still young, fit, and hungry to learn.’ 

So off I went… little did I know, this was the start my career!

Fast forward 14 years, I now think back at how lucky I am to be in the Traffic Management industry and I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t take the job. It took hard work, commitment, and a lot of patience to get me to where I am now. But I am glad I decided to take the plunge into the Traffic Management industry. 

If you want to be a part of a fun industry which is quickly growing, here are some tips and tricks how to make the most of your time as a Traffic Controller and flourish in the industry of Traffic Management:

You will need a friendly persona. 

This will take you a long way! You interact with many different people in this industry. Most are friendly and will give you a smile and a wave, but there are days that you will come across those who have a less then desirable attitude towards you. My advice: Be polite and friendly, smile and wave back when you can. Brush off the bad – it’s not worth your time or energy.

Don’t be shy, think creatively, and share your thoughts amongst your team. 

You will make some great friends doing this job and working smart is certainly the way to go in this industry. Great minds think alike. Work smarter, not harder!

A can-do, positive attitude will speak volumes. 

You will have bad days, but there will also be good, keep your focus on the positives. One day you could be standing on a Stop-Go paddle, then next you could be working at a Triathlon or Rugby World Cup tournament. Put in the work – do the mahi, get the treats. Lead by example, always try your best and show your peers that you give 100%. 

Be prepared to be resilient. 

There will be long days and long nights in a myriad of weather conditions. You will find yourself working in rain, hail, sun, and snow. I know this may sound daunting, but the rewards far outweigh the long hours and the occasional harsh weather. The starting wage for this job is great and there is always room for advancing your skills and your pay.

Being physically fit will also benefit you. 

Some of the activities (setup and breakdowns) are busy and strenuous so keeping your body in good condition will help set you up for success. Most importantly though, have fun, this industry is always thriving and moving. I have many cherished moments of working with my mates, and I still work with them to this day. The old saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ really rings true when it comes to this industry. 

On a serious note, the roads are no joke, and not all road users are the best drivers. You will need a heightened awareness when working near live traffic, and a safety-conscious mind. Looking after the public, your mates and yourself must be at the forefront of the mind.

If you consider the above to be an option for you, go for it! There so many Traffic Management opportunities out there. Make your change today!

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